Transportation industry, our company is reaching a wide variety of services, vehicles equipped with the most advanced technology systems, implementing the most advanced service techniques.

So many years of experience, strict quality control procedures for combining with the importer-exporter, our company is not only conscious, but also gained the admiration of our customers looking for high quality and affordable service.

The company, together with presenting the best possible service to its customers that enables the flow of all information related to import and export international transportation company.

Strategy and policy, together with the rapidly developing world to improve our knowledge of existing services from the borders grow in parallel. The starting point of this goal is customer satisfaction.

Our team of the best service anywhere in the world, the most secure way, the most affordable price, without compromising on quality offers.


Fidantur road, heavy project cargo, container transport and storage, port and was established to operate in the field of labor. Central place in Mersin and Zakho in Iraq at the transfer site and the warehouse, Arbil 'office are also available.


Difference and by making changes aimed at steady growth in the logistics field to be a reputable brand.


Customer satisfaction in the foreground holding a permanent olabililmesi existing customer relationships and service to its promise to fully carry out and complete the work to be the first choice of customers.

Fidantur tilt jumbosal lowbet tools safe and always at your service. Whatever the size of your cargo tonnage and reliable, and timely self-cost devices with...

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Project jobs in the shortest time with the most appropriate transport vehicles using the highway route and destinations with their own property, vehicles, and are delivered...
Iraq 's transit, or any area of sensitive loads directly to the preference of our customers with the Iraq / Zakho in the Arabian plate is transferred to the tools, the most ...

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Fidantur on behalf of the cargo from the ports and customs operations after required transfers to destinations on the requested date installed vehicles...

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